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Flash back from the Grand opening of LOUaBULL- “T-shirt, gift shop opening Friday in Butchertown”

Flash back from the Grand opening of LOUaBULL- “T-shirt, gift shop opening Friday in Butchertown”

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Thank you so much to CAITLIN BOWLING and Insider Louisville for covering out Grand opening in Butchertown!

Here is an excerpt from the article –

“Butcherblock is filling up as a sixth business is opening on the block of Main Street this Friday.

Louabull is a T-Shirt and gift shop that will sell ornaments, jewelry, cards and “edgy, creative, humorous shirts,” said Travis Lay, who owns the shop with his partner. “The kind of vibe we are going for, there is not really anything like it right now.”

When it opens Friday, Louabull will debut more than a dozen T-shirt designs created specifically for the store, he said. All will related to Kentucky, Louisville or neighborhoods in the city, including NuLu, the Highlands and Prospect.

“They are not T-shirts you would find at the mall,” Lay said. “We are going to be constantly adding new designs.”

Other products include Dope on a Rope hemp soap, and a specially commissioned “scent of Butchertown” candle. “It smells great; it smells like bourbon and smoke. There’s supposed to be a little bit of bacon in there,” Lay said.

The T-shirts will cost about $25, and other items will range from $5 to $250.

When asked if the store would fill the void left by WHY Louisville, Lay said: “We are not trying to be what they were or take over where they left off. It is that niche they were in; there is nothing really like that now.”

Lay, an full-time anesthesiologist at Jewish Hospital, said he and his partner had long thought about opening a retail store, and named of the shop after their 4-year-old son’s mispronunciation of Louisville.

They were “very aware” of Andy Blieden’s Butcherblock development, he said, and fans of Work the Metal shop in Blieden’s Butchertown Market property, so they reached out to him. At the time, there weren’t any spaces available, but the closure of FoodCraft opened up a 1,000-square-foot building at 1015 Main Street.

“We are very excited about the location,” Lay said. “There is a lot of energy over here. There is more foot traffic over here than I would have imagined.”

Lay has hired a general manager who will run the store on a daily basis and two to three part-time employees who will work as needed.

Hours of operation for Louabull are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. However, Friday, the store will stay open late, until 9 or 10 p.m., Lay said, to celebrate its opening and the monthly First Friday Trolley Hop through the nearby NuLu neighborhood.

Other businesses in ButcherBlock are the recently opened Pho Ba Luu and Stag + Doe home decor store. Coming soon are First Image photography studio, Hi-Five Doughnuts and Red Hot Roasters’ cafe and coffee roasting operation.”

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