Have you seen my T-shirt?

Travis and Ren did TONS of market research and product development before they decided to jump into their new retail venture.

Here’s how it went down…

R: Hey Trav, have you seen my 600 North T-shirt?
T: Ren, it’s time to let go of it.
R: No way. It’s my favorite T-shirt.
T: I got that in college on spring break. In 1987.
R: I know, I know.
T: 600 North is a great bar.
R: Why do I have all these shirts?
T: Maybe because you only wear T-shirts. And T-shirts with jackets in the winter. We should make T-shirts the way you like them, with that soft material and cool designs.
R: (laughing) Yeah we should.
T: You KNOW we should.
R: You know, we should. Can you Google that?
T: (blank stare)
R: I’m serious.
T: I’m sure you are.
R: We definitely should.
T: Sorry I mentioned it.

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