Cards for People who aren’t Uptight


Go Cards! Hallmark has cornered the market on providing icy and aloofly polite cards for all your stuffy associates but fortunately, we have a great selection of Knotty Cards for all your real friends.

In-Store cards include but are not limited to these awesome options —

“Hey Ho Good Work Getting Knocked up”

“I like to fantasize about you doing the dishes”

“I’m sorry I roll my eyes at you pretty often”

“You’re one year closer to pickling”

“You were Probably an Unplanned Pregnancy”

“I love your hairy stinky cute man ass”

“Two grooms are better than one.”

“feel better faker”

“Sorry I occasionally act like a psycho”

“It’s your birthday, don’t wish for something stupid.”

“Two brides are better than one”


Handpicked straight from real life, cards that are relatable, cards that are funny. Cards that actually help you say that thing you were trying to say without it coming out canned and stilted.