Already Great Hat


Do you have hair that’s a little loose in the follicles? An inability to keep your gaze from pointing directly at the sun, even though you’ve been told that you can damage your eyesight? Then this sturdy hat with its generous visor might help. Oh, and it also shows your pride in the USA!

One Size Fits All
Material: 50% Cotton 50% Polyester

Show some love for a country that was Already Great thanks to diversity inclusion and equality for all with the un-maga hat. We know what the dog whistle call of “Make America Great Again” means and we stand by with true and real patriotism. America, the great melting pot is great thanks to the many people who have come together to make it what it is today. It was great, it is great and it will continue to be great and a get better as we grow in our ability to welcome and support all people the way we always have. We stand with DACA, we stand with the immigrants that built America, we stand with the immigrants who continue to create a home an community here. We stand for everyone who has fought for fairness, equality and civil rights for all, the main reason America was already great.

Weight 1 lbs

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